Message from the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation

Message from the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation

As a result of our commitment to protecting the health of our employees and our clients, we are implementing the following:

– We are reducing the number of employees who will be working in our office effective March 23rd.

– We are not accepting drop-in client visits at this time.

To maximize our capacity at this time, we will focus on key services that are most critical to our members and retirees.

– processing retirements that start in March and April 2020

– updating bank information changes for in-pay pensions

For less urgent requests, we will focus on those only after key services have been completed.  This would include things such as password resets, and pension estimates for retirements more than three months from now.

Please understand that our normal response and processing times may be extended for less urgent requests.

To help us to serve you most effectively, we would appreciate it if you could please email us your request rather than calling, whenever possible. Our email is:

Thank you!