Educational Award Winners announced

The Education Committee received eight applicants for this years Educational Awards. The Dan Morrison Memorial Award, Gerald Mosher Award along with six other Educational Awards were awarded to a son/daughter/legal ward of a NS Highway worker. The six of the Educational Awards which were given out was for the amount of $500.00. The Dan Morrison Memorial Award and the Gerald Mosher education awards were in the amout of $1,000.00.

The Winners of the 2013 Education Awards are:

  • Matthew Hatt – son of Donald Hatt – Unit 17
  • Brittany Ruggles – daughter of Andy Ruggles – Unit 13
  • Chantal Berthier – daughter of Jerome Berthier – Unit 4
  • Kaitlyn Brown – daughter of Kevin Brown – Unit 7
  • Kirsten Harrison – daughter of Michael Harrison – Unit 13
  • Craig Peck – son of Bradley Peck – Unit 14

Patrick Milner is the recipient of the Dan Morrison Memorial Educational Award of $1000.00 son of Gerald Milner – Unit 9

Jessie Hallett is the recipient of the Gerald Mosher Memorial Education Award of $1000.00 – daughter of Robert Hallett – Unit 5